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Bringing Boxing, Fitness Training, Yoga, Youth Development, and Wellness to your community.

Experienced Fitness &
Health Professionals

We have trained with the world’s best fitness and health experts to establish a Gym and Fitness Center that provides better fitness and proper nutrition.


Group Training

This program, centered around Fitness, Boxing, and Yoga, is designed to challenge you mentally and physically to “fight” through your full potential, making every workout count. Viewed as the complete Wellness package, the class package focuses on motivation, accountability, commitment, and fun! This program aims to become physically and mentally fit, lose fat, and gain muscle. If you enjoy a fun yet challenging group workout, no matter your fitness level, this program is designed for you.


Boxing Team

This program, centered around Fitness and Boxing, is designed for individuals interested in learning boxing techniques, self defense, sparring and amateur boxing. 


Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training includes customized workout plans and personalized nutritional guides. With a tailored approach and an emphasis on physical and mental guidance of progress, this program is designed for clients who prefer individual goal-based training. 


Youth Development

GEM Class

Guiding, Exposing and Motivating the youth to techniques and life practices to develop physical and mental health as well as instilling awareness, focus, and resiliency. The program includes boxing skills and technique, cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work, and basic self-defense.

Coaching Program Available: Contact us

Let's Live Rich,


Our Gym and Fitness Center takes pride in offering programs designed for all fitness levels; we think you’ll love what we offer.

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Our Gym and Fitness Center Will Help You...

Live A

Living a healthier lifestyle can help to prevent and control health-related diseases, improve mood and energy levels, and teach the importance of listening to your body and providing it with what it needs.



Learn to cope with the stresses of life through wellness and discover the importance of mental health at every stage of life. 


Developing good habits of physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health enables you to nurture personal accountability for your health.



A Leader In Health & Fitness

Rich 4 Fit has proudly supported the community through fitness and health in Raleigh NC since 2021. Read why they love us...

Liz K.


"I joined R4F in Feb 2022, and it has been the best thing in my life. My instructor Jasmine is amazing and has already transformed my body. I feel better about myself, the offered plans are flexible and affordable, and the workouts are great. If you want results in a healthy way, this is the place for you. I Love R4F"


"I just feel like I belong and I look forward to every workout. The trainers LOVE what they do and once you set your goals they will help you reach them. They also continue to show up for themselves and that always keeps me going."


"I joined R4F around august 2021 and it was the best decision I made regarding my health. If you are looking to have reliable, attentive personal trainers that care about your health and well-being, join the R4F team today!"

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It's time to break the cycle and live a healthier lifestyle.

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