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Meet the Team

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Meet Jas: 

Jasmine Hinton was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Jasmine saw the positive lifestyle that Fitness and Nutrition offered her and wanted to share this lifestyle with others. Rich 4 Fitness by Jasmine (Rich 4 Fit) was created by Jasmine, a certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist. Rich 4 Fit was inspired by her family, The Richardson's. Jasmine decided to break the cycle of generational curses when it came to health within her family and her community.  

"I plan to reach as many people as possible"

“Change your mindset, Change your life"


Meet Keith:

Keith Tucker is originally from Hampton, Virginia but resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Keith enjoys family, traveling and working out. Keith started out as a boxing instructor and now he’s a certified personal trainer/wellness coach. Keith is also certified in nutrition. Keith’s main goal is to become an inspirational figure and encourage a healthier lifestyle through wellness and nutrition.
“Let’s Work"

“ True Strength is in Consistency “ - Tuck



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